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CT Sub Trail is a public art project that will further tie the community together to celebrate 100 years of the submarine industry. Residents, businesses and non-profit organizations all take pride in our submarine history. This promotion will generate tremendous publicity throughout the state. Our CT Sub Trail will appeal to visitors from outside of Connecticut, too. And best of all, CT Sub Trail will also serve as a non-profit fundraiser for the U.S.S. Groton Sail Foundation.

The CT Sub Trail is a public art project that showcases a fleet of fiberglass submarine sculptures designed and created by regional artists. While the basic form of each sub sculpture will remain the same, each work of art will have a unique design. Each sculpture will receive factory-applied primer and be transformed into a vibrant work of art.

The CT Sub Trail will comprise a “fleet” of 21 painted sub sculptures and unveiled at a kick-off ceremony in the spring. The fiberglass mini subs will be showcased in the Groton 4th of July Parade, then delivered to sponsored outdoor locations for the CT Sub Trail from July through October. The subs will be on public view throughout southeastern Connecticut and accessible via map and Android/IOS app.

Thank you to our sponsors for making the CT Sub Trail a success!



If you would like to sponsor CT Sub Trail, please contact Dave Quinn at 860-444-0448 ext 6 or email Dave at quinn@quinnandhary.com.

Thank you for your interest!