Ann Lamb

Ann Lamb: Started in 1954 in the Steno Pool; Retired in 1996 as a Personal Secretary

annI went to Electric Boat in 1954. I was working at the Westerly Town Hall and wanted to make more money. I knew about EB because lots of people here in Westerly work there. I was glad to get the job.

I started in what they called the steno pool. From there they picked secretaries to go to different jobs. I went to the planning department, which was in the shipyard office, on what they called Heart Attack Hill. I worked there for Lloyd Bergeson and Norman MacIntyre. Angus MacKay had a radio program at noontime when everybody was out at lunch.

It was busy. We were all seated in rows up the whole office. Different people took care of different things. I would help Mr. Bergeson. It was just more or less secretarial work. Typing, answering the phone. I don’t think there was anything special.

I didn’t feel like I had to prove myself. I just did my work the best I could from day to day. They were good people. From there I worked on a series of projects.

We moved around a lot.

Later I worked for Tom Kiddy in Labor Relations. It was working with the unions. We spent time over in a hotel on Route 12 doing all the negotiations. That was interesting, seeing how they met and came to an agreement.

I didn’t socialize much with the people at work because that was Groton. It was a half hour to get to work from here. I did stay for a bowling team and I made some real good friends.

It was satisfying work. Every bit was a piece of the puzzle. Every piece of paper was going to go somewhere to help out with the building of the boat. I feel lucky that I had good people that I worked for over the years. Herb Berry, Tom Kiddy, the others. They’re really fine gentlemen and I’m glad I had the opportunity to know them.