She Said, ‘I Got to Put this Valve in, Dad’

Bruce Caron: Started in 1958 as a Machinist; Retired as a Supervisor

bruce2My brother worked at Electric Boat. My wife worked at Electric Boat. And every one of my kids worked at Electric Boat. I have a son who was a rigger, but he left.

One daughter was a welder. She got hurt. My other daughter was a pipefitter. My other son, he’s up at the Sub Base right now.

When I started there were no women in the yard. It changed slowly.

I remember coming through a boat one night in the ’90s, this was on the Ohio class. They had these ventilation valves that were humongous. I come walking down, just ready to get through the bulkhead, and I look. It’s my daughter.

I say, “What are you doing?”

She says, “I’m putting this valve in.”

What?! And she did. The riggers were there and everybody else, but that was her job.

Yeah, “I got to put this valve in, Dad.” I said, “OK.”