‘What the Hell Are You Doing with Your Car?’

George Lucas: Started in Ships Management in the Fall of 1953

george2Because of my position, I was allowed to drive my car into the shipyard and park it. But the fellas down there –

You know a Volkswagen is a small thing. They’d roll it someplace where it shouldn’t be and lock it with chains. And then they’d call the yard superintendent and say, “We can’t get this job done because there’s a car parked where we need to go.”

I can still remember hearing over the speaker, “Lucas, come up to the office!” I’d go up and it would be, “What the hell are you doing with your car?”

Another time they put it on the roof of the sheet metal shop with the crane and left it there. I couldn’t find the car when I left work. Then they hung it right over the river so the tires were just touching on the surface of the water. When the shift ended they left it there. The crane operator walked out and went home.

Then a bunch of guys lifted it and put it over by the cranes in the North Yard. They jacked it up with some blocks under the axles so that the car looked like it was sitting on the ground. I got in it at the end of the shift. They were upstairs in the North Yard Pipe Shop, all staring out the window watching.

I put it in gear, I pushed the accelerator and nothing happened. I got out of the car, looked around and everything looked alright. Finally I had the car in gear and stepped out of it. The wheels were turning. They were in hysterics up above watching me.