A Rhode Island Trooper Is at the Gate for You

Jack Komorowski: Started in R&D in September 1965

jack2We had a lot of fun in R&D. We made our own parties and all went out together. We were all young fellows and mostly not married.

There were a lot of practical jokes. One of the guys, for some reason he never wore a watch. One day he made the mistake of saying that he was leaving early, at 2:30. So every time he’d walk out of the room they’d set the clock back five or ten minutes. By the time he left it was like three o’clock. His wife had been waiting out in the parking lot for half an hour.

Another time, a friend of ours had a speeding ticket from the Westerly police and somehow he thought he got it squashed. The original ticket said that he was supposed to go to court on a certain day, and that day came along. He was a little bit nervous because he wasn’t a hundred percent sure. So somebody called up and said, “This is the South Gate yard house. There’s a Rhode Island state trooper waiting to talk to you.” That’s the kind of thing that went on – just good-natured fun.

We socialized after work, too. Misquamicut and picnics – whatever somebody was doing, a lot of the gang would do it. That’s when my wife Beth and I started dating, actually. Someone threw a picnic and we both went to it.