Please Share our Campaign!

Using your Facebook and Instagram accounts, post your own personal connection using the #submarineproud hashtag. Be sure to make your post public. Do these ideas apply to you?

  • Are you in the Navy? Post a photo that shows how you are submarine proud. Make it a selfie or an image of something connected to your job.  Have you been honored by the Navy? Share your citations or medals.
  • Are you part of a Navy family? Share how you are #submarineproud in your daily life—include homecoming photos.
  • You can post multiple times, as you are #submarineproud every day!
  • Are you a Navy veteran? Share memories from your time in the service, plus citations, medals, veteran gatherings…always using #submarineproud. The world wants to thank you for your service.
  • Does your company do business with the Navy? In addition to your personal social pages, make sure your business page is sharing how it is #submarineproud. Do you donate services or goods to the Navy? Do you provide military discounts? Make sure you promote those acts and use the hashtag.
  • Are you involved with a non-profit that has interaction with the Navy? For example, have sailors volunteered their time for your organization? Thank them on social media for their service to the community.